Our Parish

The Church of our Lady of Lourdes was built between 1886 and 1888 by Father Joachim Alexander Marie Meneuvrier and named after the Church of our Lady of Lourdes located in Lourdes, France. Originally built to cater to Indian Catholics, in particular Tamil speakers,the church now provides services for all ethnic groups.

In 1885, the government provided a piece of land, originally a swamp, for the establishment of a church. Bishop Gasnier laid the cornerstone of the building on 1 August 1886, and the building was completed and officially dedicated in May 1888.

During the Japanese Occupation, two bombs fell on the church grounds, causing substantial damage. Miraculously, however, the church did not suffer any damage. The troops occupied the church until their surrender to the British in 1945.

In 1974, the church authorities gave up the status of being an Indian Roman Catholic Church and chose to serve Catholics of all ethnicities and languages.

The church was built in the mould of the Basilica in Lourdes, France. Within the building is a grotto with life-sized images depicting the apparition of Our Lady to St Bernadette.

Two brass tablets have been set up at the church in remembrance of the services rendered to the church by Fr Joachim, who was the first missionary to Singapore, to serve the Indian Catholic community, and Fr Louis Burghoffer who succeeded him and put in 34 years of effort and valuable service for the growth of this church.

Our Lady of Lourdes was gazetted as a national monument on 14 January 2005.

Parish Devotions

Our Lady of Lourdes Novena (Sat) : 5.30pm
Rosary Recitation (Mon – Fri) : 11.55am
Rosary Recitation (Mon – Wed) : 5.55pm
Holy Hour with Benediction (1st Fri) followed by Mass : 6.30pm
Sacred Heart Devotion (all other Fri) followed by Mass : 6.30pm
Divine Mercy (Tues) : 5.45pm
Infant Jesus (Thurs) : 5.45pm
Charismatic (Fri) : 7.45pm
Community of the Risen Lord (Tues) : 7.30pm
Legion of Mary (Tue) : 7.30pm
Legion of Mary (Sun) : 9:45am
Rosary & OLOL Devotion (1st Sun) : 8:30am
OLPS Novena (Sat) : 8:00pm
Divine Mercy (Fri) : 5:45pm
Infant Jesus (Tues) : 5:45pm
Satchiya Koodaram (Every First Sunday) : 2.00PM
St Pio (23rd of Every Month) : 8.30pm