Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Welcome to the Church of Our Lady of Lourdes. Our church is now closed for restoration works. Eucharistic Celebrations (Holy Mass) will take place at the Tent of Lourdes. It will take about a year or so to complete. Let’s pray for a successful restoration process. As the main church area will be cordoned off, parking is not permitted in the church campus due to space constraints. Nearest carpark is along Queen’s St and along Arab St. We apologize for the inconvenience caused. Please cooperate and follow the instructions of the staff and volunteers. Let’s make our church a safe place for all worshippers. Thank you for you understanding.

God Bless you all!
Fr. Michael Sitatam
Parish Priest

Special Masses for February 2021

(Bookings for all Masses via

02-Feb-2021 (Tue) – Presentation of Our Lord

12:30pm (Eng) & 7:00pm (Tam)

Feast of Our Lady of Lourdes 2021

03-Feb-2021 (Wed) – Triduum Day 1

12:30pm (Eng), 6:00pm (Eng) & 7:00pm (Tam)

04-Feb-2021 (Thu) – Triduum Day 2

12:30pm (Eng), 6:00pm (Eng) & 7:00pm (Tam)

05-Feb-2021 (Fri) – Triduum Day 3

12:30pm (Eng), 6:00pm (Eng) & 7:00pm (Tam)

06-Feb-2021 (Sat) – Feast Day

Masses as per normal

07-Feb-2021 (Sun) – Feast Day

Masses as per normal

Chinese New Year 2021

12-Feb-2021 (Fri)

8am (Eng), 9am (Eng) & 10:30am (Tam)

13-Feb-2021 (Sat)

Masses as per normal

14-Feb-2021 (Sun)

Masses as per normal

Ash Wednesday 2021


12:30pm (Eng) & 6pm (Eng)
7pm (Tam) & 8pm (Tam)

All Fridays in Lent

Stations of the Cross followed by Mass

12:30pm (Eng) & 7pm (Tam)
6pm (Eng – Booking by Calendly)

Please use the following link to register.

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